[TTV002​]​​: DMVU x Ill Chill - Green Tape (12")

by Turbo Tape Recordings

  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album


    12" Format

    “Green Tape” is the first full length project between DMVU and ILLChill featuring co-production by El Jeffe. The album combines old school sample based boom bap beats with chilled out and smooth rhymes. Old movie samples create a story throughout the record, guiding each idea into the next.

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released July 29, 2016

Digital Masters: Rich Weston
Vinyl Manifacture: HHV



all rights reserved
Track Name: Instrumentation
Wrote some raps that were dope can’t remember them though
Every word that I spoke mic cinders and smokes
Henny and Coke smooth vocal
Correct your vision like bifocal
Smoke two joints turn to Negroku
Panties soaked through when I stroll through on a soul groove
Sharing totem pole if she got some goals
Broken molds left in my wake
innovate incinerate penetrate past a beginner space
Old chicks playing games on my phone shit is getting old like the cops putting holes in my folks
Sit and smoke think about ways to give them hope
Witness more death than creation on every station
Intelligence is anticipation
Everything changes regardless of gender or races
And any races trying to erase us, you wasting your time we’re all connected to the same vine
Animals of the same kind
Can change gears when we face fears
Only a few peers
Maybe I’m too weird
People perfecting vanity only playing at sanity
Searching for more humanity more than plaques on the mantelpiece
Learned more from the actual street than any of the faculty
From every angle tackling
Watch how to challenge we
Can’t play the games they handed me
Independent on instruments
Music industry sensitive
Usually on my pensive shit
Sometimes too intense with it
Straight cash, Hear the liquid spit, scrolling ticker quick, burn fast like wicker, straight liquor
On the rocks cool it off, soothe my vocal chords,
Rolling through pinheads like bowling balls, know it alls get broken jaws
If you were really omniscient, you would change the way you’re living
And that’s a given
Track Name: Tomorrow Morning
Waking up regretful trying to take steps forward
Growing up stressful everyone judgmental
Allow myself to make as many mistakes as possible
As long as wisdom gained don’t believe in an obstacle
Reality clearly result of my mind set
Blueprint my vision making worlds no one has found yet
Gain more power soundrise to soundset
Aerial, fly jets more than I ride whips
World vision out in London just whirlwinding
Steady as I want to be
Give my all at least
See the globe
Expand vision tenfold
Master every tempo not limit potential
Supply a different energy
Exist in infinity
In life there is death, a balance to this mess
Picture much bigger than eyesight can deliver
It gets realer, it gets much realer

Came far but not far enough
The strongest have the hardest luck
You’ll find amazing when you follow love don’t keep it bottled up
A lot of tough situations arise you just got to push
Take your time it’s all you got don’t got a rush
Better to prioritize then you can do more in life
Become immortalized, even more enjoy your time
Trying to carve a path it can challenge
Sketching on a different canvas draw a different outcome
Surprise and astound them traversing mountains
To enjoy the views surrounding
Blueberry pancakes on beaches where the sand lays
Progression all about the stamina
Working my talents out
Do cardio with the bars I flow
Trying to find one place to settle on
Where the weathers warm
I just pedal on
Can’t we all just get along?
Track Name: Like It Used To Be
I’m here though, throwing my spear slow
For the sake of accuracy out of this planet MC with a plan to be free
Before this planet I leave nothing handed indeed
Daily progress no nonsense
Dressed in all black I’m onyx being honest helps me move beyond stress Gain knowledge new sagas
Need sponsors so I can tour the globe and expose the world to these flows Sliding through different doors
Access granted mind expansive and expanding
Struggle to stay focused mind running different tangents
Still craft exquisite stanzas mantra of the Panthers
Self-sufficiency resiliency build for the fam so we can eat
Control intellectual property not a slave to sloppy needs
Coffee chocolatey not playing pro wrestling games of inferior lames
Only speaking in flames
Go hard until the speaker falls
Balancing emcees who don’t think at all
Not one piece of jewelry on me trying to shine off what I’m doing only
Slide out my peacoat in beast mode
Only gleeful when I see the goals I’ve reached for
Peaceful don’t see foes
Unless they pull the weaponry, they barely are a speck to me
Show some respect to me and you’ll get the same
That’s how I live this game
Life that is
It’s nice ain’t it
Track Name: Observations
From my point of view
Everything looks skewed
Few will tell the truth
Too mentally abused
Different styles I fuse, different dimensions peruse
Young dark Zeus
Cant be shark food
When I’m thoughtful receive God’s jewels
Existence is pain, but life is art too
We all have to play our part, true
But it’s hard to rehearse when you’re feeling all worthless, keep working
Respect your passions
Be careful of your man’s them who lack the same vision constructing your prison
Speak once twice listen
Find pieces of the puzzle, avoid trouble
It’ll find you
I see people waste their time in a life not of their design
All things are possible, mentality the obstacle, training my optical to see objective point of views
Sober too, that’s a change for me, I stay with weed
I’m all about blowing tree with a freak
In a island location, she ain’t that loquacious,
But when she makes a statement, its more beautiful than silence
Not childish, right now is when my time is and later cuz I’m timeless
Tracks they no longer rewind them but hit the replay
Don’t give these wack rappers lee-way
Nowadays I’m feeling like I beat a boss
Feeling like a piece of god, connected to each and all
Peeking behind curtains, seeing through walls but, not superman at all
I’m just harnessing awareness
Taking risks got me weekends in Paris, you hear this, only cuz I’m fearless and ask me Im tier-less
They claim upper echelon but really whose the best around?
Track Name: Middleness
Reflections on progression I mention
The details pay attention ascension
Squinting through the darkness trying to harvest the smart shit
Move farther it gets harder
Foggy landscape hash scraped
The mandate is to live great
Fresh fruits and vegetables, extra terrestrials,
Young pigmented king Kemet mind bending
Eyes tinted, napping on the vanity, interplanetary G, world a scary scene,
Still not breaking me, planting seeds more oxygen, we need it we can barely breath,
Carry on for our spawn,
In the palm of my hands, is the key to ascend,
Mastering environment, when I’m feeling tired just take account of the minutes,
How they dwindle, when you don't intend to see them float away,
Just enjoying your day, if you're lucky that is, people struggle to live,
Start my day with exercise, I need extra energy
To defend me from the enemies they're entering,
Let the water run over my body,
Fresh and godly even with the pressure on me, roll on anti-perspirant,
I am working, coming from the bottom like a sea urchin, emerging,
Keep burning like the roach of the j I begin to blaze,
Meditate before my day begins,
The state they in when they be racing men to get a paper win is way to basic in my humble opinion,
Only concerned with winning, 
Can't choose your own beginning but can remap the ending,
Can't choose your own beginning but can remap the ending,
Can't choose your own beginning but can remap the ending

Let noone suppress your will
Or encourage you to hate or kill
We all gotta pay the bills, but existence is simple,
When ignoring subliminal not chasing ephemeral,
I'm still learning, I'm still burning, stomach churning trying to cope with my fears,
I might die soon, I'll never do everything I want, that type of thinking haunts my restless mind, one of a kind
But you get it though because we're all connected spiritual,
Beings disconnected from a sense of meaning, heart beating,
Searching for the proper wave, and a better day,
Trying to innovate, steady getting blazed,
Trying to elevate and see better ways, and see better ways
Track Name: Sunday
Potent like THC extracts Midwest raps
Damnesia-Vu  sent me wet tracks I blessed fast
Outlier can’t retire til empires built
How am I cold as ice but yet I’m fire still
Quiet, still, until it’s time to kill, true story, the real will always have appeal
Can’t quit not on my option list only awesomeness jargon so deep don’t get lost in it
Pasta with sauce, spinach salad, tossed vinaigrette, well-connected flex unleashing intellect
Just being my best
Receiving checks from sheer brilliance real feel this
Even the fake can catch a vibe from the honey flow, funny folks
Stunning quotes,
Got young bunnies hoping for the fill it in your tummy stroke
I’m coming for my spot in history, hope you’re listening
Creating through the restlessness
No refrains because everything sounds the same
Gallery ready, still heavy keep steady
Swerving through roads wishing that I knew more
Once you have the right information you can always make it
Sometimes the cost too expensive, to tentative you’re not getting shit
Make a move or lose, singing blues in the rain until the pain stops Constantly searching, way lost,
No pop psychology, just real life philosophy that many discount,
Due to pressure, we all gotta eat, except life in it’s entirety,
Searching for inspiring, even keel
I don’t need to stress unless it’s life or death, my ethics code
Blessings unfold, nothing but net with the stroke, Ray Allen
More than one talent, Don’t pigeonhole or you’ll get exposed
For how little you know
Track Name: The Wax Room
Shattered, chocolate chip batter
Elevation education, time shifting, keeps changing,
Come into the lair, potent cured and prepared, leaves trimmed come swim deep in,
Let the aroma creep in
Escapism from a lame prison, change vision, break limits,
Dreaming of older women, I’m going swimming inside of generic denim,
Breakfast lunch dinner, sushi always a winner
Fresh fish only, arigatou for the tacos, gracias for the ass
After the stress relief, it’s back to textured green,
That strong special recipe, you’ll have to spend some extra cheese
Young Guaco Papo, sliding through these potholes
You can smell the pot smoke, coming out the nostrils,
I don’t know, I just got to
Drinking California grapes, on unviewable estates, man this life is feeling great
Pay attention to my pace, wax pen I’m relaxing, bout that action when the tracks spin
Going up, elevation, perfecting the presentation
Defective creatures searching for releases
Experience the teacher, how to be a leader
Can’t live the life of leisure, Yeah I gotta eat dear
What is this system in which were enlisted?
For its creation I was not existing,
In its rules I find flaws and sickness,
Searching for healing and a good feeling
Meditation increasing awareness
Power in the moment to be cherished
Planting seeds on a garden terrace
Anything can grow, if it’s given time to flow, just to let you know

I’m evolving now, I don’t know what they talking bout, my past life draw chalk around,
No cooning just cocooning zooming butterfly movements,
No assuming just keep it moving, future looming
Started on Capitol trying to get capital, got As in a few classes, then went national
That’s what I had to
Stoned just like a statue, if you got something good I’ll match you,
Can’t leave that rent past due, so I’m probably speeding past you, Everyone gotta get that cash true, anything might snatch you,
Nothing’s permanent, not even a tattoo, bite claw and scratch through,
So when they ask for the best, they don’t ask who, excellence I’m attached to,
Hit the cruise on a track and still lap dudes,
In a wax room
Track Name: Smoker
Frosty green leaves, we don't chief wheat,
Cannabis connoisseur, working hard so I can be lounging more,
Reaching for Zen, when I speak with the pen,
No need to pretend, fakery what I daily see, elevate above it,
Increasing my budget, decreasing my suffering, frequently blunted
Crack the blinds, let the sun in, energy solar takes me so far
Even with no car, travel the planet, to get it we manage
Take advantage, I'm taking it all in, appreciating small wins,
Planting seeds in my garden, until it's time to harvest, I follow my calling Live and learn , You gon feel the burn,
So I keep some healing herbs and the realist words
Won't find me in church but I walk with God every second,
Aware of my blessings
Simple the message you get what you give that's the way that I live so here is a Spliff, the Green is a gift, 
I roll up like a drive-by and turn my minds eye into sci-fi
It's obvious that I rhyme fly
Get high let my mind rise
It's crazy how the time flies enjoy the moment cuz it flies by
It's crazy how the time flies
Track Name: From A Different Angle (ft.Jeffe)
Keep reaching higher, because we need survivors,
No keeping quiet, carrying torches but not on some war shit,
Fighting for peace, young lion a beast, on production I feast,
Lucky if I teach, I'm trying to learn my damn self, riding solo more often then not
They don't know how to treat a black nerd who don't care about the last word who never puts cash first
Until I'm in a black hearse,
Can't put it last though if I want to last though, young stone cold chief often, Stay patient keep bossing, marching forward,
Store words of wisdom to guide me, continually gliding, stroll through the city, so frightening,
Smooth storm, pack lightning within the writing, now let me light this

Spliff lit, put the fire to tip, get a grip, reality so sick,
We all medicate, with different things, I swear I’m trying to change,
It's hard to explain, hydroplane through the rain, regal flow feel the reign, So much to gain,
Not much to lose if I choose to stay true to what's kept me in balance,
Life accepting the challenge, to break it down further,
Love family, friends, they'll be there in the end,
Not trying to catch every trend, I'll leave that to them,
Three piece cuffed, perfect hem, is the mode that I'm in,
Consummate gentleman, my mission to ascend, learn more everyday,
On forward we blaze,
From the booth call the plays like professional games,
In my own kind of lane, H-O-V ain’t my thang
Track Name: Caught
Strip it all back to its essence, forget living excessive,
You can keep all the extras, with the meaningless measures,
It’s worth less every second, foundation protect it, building a legend,
Mind state is forever, feeling anxious when I’m low on paper,
Execute a plan to live greater, taking risks, big wagers throw it on the table, Who knows where it will take you, try to remain stable, universe unable, Nomadic erratic, any moment, I’m just trying to trap it, like drugs spots, Grind nug rocks, sipping rare juice squeezed from cumquats,
Trying to counteract my dumb thoughts, with smart action,
Embrace passion and love, dedication,
Vibing out in the basement or the rooftop, sexy goose with a loose top, Who does not want me to stop, once we get going in that deep motion, Light a fire in your mind with the vibe, feel alive no judgements,
We’re all trying to do our best, taste a piece of success,
Similarities obvious, but ego keeps driving us, the outcome monotonous,
Many chat about conspiracy, it’s clear me the pictures bigger than reported,
Gravely distorted, but the important portion were clearly ignoring,
The responsibility to make sure that the children eat, food and knowledge, That’s how we build to be honest, a future to be proud of,
Traverse moons and mountains,
Rising through the clouds and creating something greater, a timeless tonic you can savor,  I glide on a rhythm smoother, Relax your mind you can get into it,
Everything is truthful, Forward movement crucial, Student and a pupil,
On soulful loops I cruise through, for a short stay,
contort hay into a white papes, then I’m gone on my way,
Feeling fine on a beautiful wave,
On the gloomiest day,
My spirit is raised when the music gets played
On the gloomiest day,
Yeah my spirit is raised when the music gets played
Track Name: What Kind Of Bird Are You
I inhale possibility, everyday is killing me
Joy of living my energy, any limits not really seen
Poor habits I’m entangled with, I’m really trying to change the spin
Find clarity, hanging on barely
You can’t kill me cuz I’m dead already, my thoughts are deep and my mind is heavy
Another ice cube in my bevvy,
I’m trying steer the ship straight and to keep it steady,
Plan for the future, feeling like I’m not ready
It’s coming anyway, it’ll be here any day
Spread love I see that they’re already giving hate
My thoughts into my lifestyle penetrate,
Reprogramming, hold myself to my own standard,
Find healing for the whole planet if we don’t panic
You’ll never get your dreams if you don’t plan it
Go on bold tangents, I know that more happens
When you embrace randomness channel it imaginative

Days of our lives
Days of our lives
Still we rise, Still we rise
Days of our lives
Days of our lives
Days of our lives
Still we rise, Still we rise, Still we rise, Still we rise

Days of Our Lives
All this pain on the ride
All this pain still we rise
Still we rise, Still we rise
Days of our lives
Days of our lives
Days of our lives
Still we rise, Still we rise, Still we rise, Still we rise
Still we rise, Still we rise, Still we rise, Still we rise
Still we rise, Still we rise, Still we rise, Still we rise
Track Name: Whitching Hour
No grand finales, only peaks and valleys
Keep going if you want to keep growing
Reaping what you sowing, go ahead and own your moment
Musically I’m zoning, trying to feed the hopeless
Widening the scope, doing better than before
That’s all I’m shooting for, improvement, unassuming but surely blooming
Times we seem doomed in, but if you want change you can choose when,
It’s not easy but believe me, you can succeed and live freely
In all black, in the night they can’t see me
Invisibility cloak, vaping oils on the low
With my boys on the go
Focus directed on goals
Futures unwritten, untold
Fireworks that explode,
Sometimes I feel all alone
Mostly I’m just trying to keep going

Serve it fresh like a Maître D
Think and act majorly
Unprotected from the elements
Upgrading my intelligence
Disregard the trolling irrelevance

Do it all with small budgets involved
The car driving itself, push no buttons at all
Push my self to the limits, not impressed by the trinkets
Too immersed in the realness

Dressed In All Black
Dropping All Facts